Hey, all you challengeers! Just wanna fill you in on a couple of changes happening to the FaithWriters Writing Challenge. One of them goes into effect immediately, and the other at the first of the year.

First for the immediate one. As of now (yesterday, actually), the challenge deadline and time of announcement for the new topic/winners moves up an hour. The new deadline/switchover will be on Thursdays at 11am New York time.

The second change will benefit our silver members, who until now, have only been able to enter the challenge for the first topic of each quarter. Beginning in January, all silver members will be given four credits, which they can use AT ANY TIME to enter the Writing Challenge. You can enter four times in a row, or for any four topics that interest you. See for yourself how it sharpens your writing skills and why it is so loved and appreciated. Taste the Challenge!

There’s only one more Writing Challenge topic for 2012 – have you entered lately? If you’re a Gold or Platinum member, it’s not too late to get an entry in in 2012 (or to become a Gold or Platinum member). Join the fun!

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