There’s a day or “holiday” for every day of the year and just about everything you could imagine (check here for a pretty long list of them, if you’re interested). Tomorrow is one we FWers might want to take note of.

November 15, 2012 is the tenth anniversary of I Love to Write Day, a day meant to encourage people of all ages to do a bit of writing. (and who am I to argue, eh?) John Riddle, founder of the day and an author of 34 books and articles in over 50 magazines and trade journals, started the day a decade ago and it has been growing each year, with activities in schools, libraries, bookstores, writing groups, and community centers across the US.

Folks are encouraged to write anything – a poem, an essay, fiction, non-fiction, work on a novel, a greeting card. For more details, check out the I Love To Write Day Website. And you don’t have to leave FaithWriters to do it: enter the Writing Challenge (topic is irritated). Post something in the regular articles. Enter our latest blogging contest. Add an article to free reprints. Just WRITE.

Will you participate tomorrow?

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