The last quarter of the FaithWriters Writing Challenge for 2012 is well under way, and the topic variety has been robust, to say the least – and the talent has been impressive as well. From funny to park to cup, the opportunity to weave your own style into the topic has been high. And this week’s topic offers a similar opportunity: who CAN’T think of some sort of idea for the word irritated?

ir·ri·tat·ed [ir-i-tey-tid] adjective

1. angered, provoked, or annoyed.
2. inflamed or made raw, as a part of the body.

Not familiar with the Writing Challenge, or need a refresher?

  • *You must be a gold or platinum member to enter (except the first topic of the quarter – next free week is the first challenge in January). Click here for information or to upgrade your silver account.
  • *A new topic is presented on Thursday mornings at 10am NY time, and you have until the following Thursday at 9:59 am NY time to enter your piece.
  • *Your entry must be between 150 and 750 words and must be conceived and written after the topic is announced. Entries may be in any style or genre, and they do not need to be overtly Christian in message. However, they should at least reflect a Christian outlook and should not be overly violent or sensual.
  • *The first place winner overall receives $20, and the top ten overall will be published in a future FaithWriters anthology. Top entries in each level will receive ribbons on their entries.

Want more details? Check out the submission rules, guide for choosing a level, the main challenge page, and/or the Writing Challenge forums.

The current topic is IRRITATED – what ideas do you have? Rise to the challenge!

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