IMPORTANT NOTICE:We have had a hacker on the site who has added offensive articles to a few members’ list of articles. There have also been a few existing articles where offensive material has been added.

We recommend you change your password. If the password you have been using for FaithWriters is also one you use for your email or other locations, we suggest you change it there too, but not to the same one you use on FaithWriters.

FaithWriters holds no financial information on any member so you need not worry about that being an issue. We are working on this now. Please report any offensive posts to Some of these posts have mentioned satan and denied God. Please also pray for the person doing this and for their salvation. Eph 6:12

Watch this short video on changing your password. If you have trouble with the video, simply log in, then scroll down under Quick Links on the right side, click on Profile Create/Update, enter new password twice then scroll down on that page and click update. Thanks for your patience and support.

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