Have you ever had someone post a comment on one of your regular FaithWriters articles that you wished you could delete? Maybe a repeat of a comment they’d already given? Something impolite?

Well, now you can!

Simply be sure you are logged in at FaithWriters, and if you go to any of your regular articles (not challenge posts – at least not yet :D), you will see the option to delete a comment. Just click on it, and it’s gone. :). You can also delete your own comment on someone else’s post (and I know I’ve wanted to before – a misspelling, or a duplicate comment).

Another new feature is the ability to allow guests  (that is, people who are not FaithWriters members) to comment on regular articles, which has the potential to increase your comments. ALL PAST ARTICLES, BY DEFAULT, ARE NOT OPEN TO VISITOR COMMENTS.

If you would like to allow visitor comments on your old regular submission articles, simply go to regular article management on the main sign-in page. Click on “edit” on any of your regular articles,  select “yes” in the drop-d0wn box that asks “allow anonymous comments?”, scroll to the bottom, click preview, and then publish.

To allow anonymous comments on new regular articles, simply select “yes” for the “allow anonymous comments” drop-down box near the top when you submit your article.

(Just FYI – anonymous commenters will be required to type one of those funky letter number combination things to be allowed to comment, and, of course, their name will not appear above the comment)

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