The FaithWriters Writing Challenge is only for Gold and Platinum members, right? You have to be a paying FWer to enter, correct?

Not anymore – this week, anyway!

Starting with the Fall Challenge quarter – which began yesterday, ANYONE can enter the FaithWriters Writing challenge for the first topic of each quarter. That’s right – the first topic in OCTOBER, JANUARY, APRIL and JULY will be open to silver members as well! That’s four times a year.

The FaithWriters Writing Challenge is one of the favorite, best-loved, and most helpful aspects of FaithWriters (in my opinion, anyway). As a devoted challengeer for several years, I can tell you it helps you write succinctly, to a deadline, with a topic – great skills to learn. And the feedback from others? Going back and reading through comments on old challenge entries is one of my favorite pastimes.

So, the topic this week is FUNNY. All you need to do is write an original piece on that topic of any style, that reflects a Christian outlook, between 150 and 750 words, and submit it before 10am New York time on Thursday, October 11. You could be a winner – the top ten overall will be published in a future FaithWriters anthology (first place overall even gets $20!) – and you could qualify for Best of the Best.

Not sure which level to enter? Check this out!

Want more info on the rules? Click here.

Want to discuss and fellowship with fellow challengeers? Stop by the Challenge Forums on the FW boards!

But be warned – the Writing Challenge is addictive. Only entering once a quarter may not be enough. But there’s a remedy – just become a gold member for less than  $5.50 a month and you can enter whenever you want – and get other benefits as well. Or upgrade to platinum – for only $10 a month, you get all the gold member benefits and others, including a chance to enter the Page Turner contest (nonfiction this year – closes at the end of this month!).

So what are you waiting for? RISE TO THE CHALLENGE!

Are you planning to enter this week?

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