A writer, they say, is someone who writes. Which means that YOU (yes, you!) are a writer. Stop denying it – okay??

But not all of us make a living with our writing – or even make MONEY writing at all.

I earn a bit from my writing (and a bit more from editing), but it’s certainly not paying all our bills. And I’m guessing most of you are the same.

But still, when someone asks me what work I do, I tell them I’m a writer and editor (and a mom, of course!). It isn’t the only job I’ve ever held (I’ve worked as everything from a teacher to a public relations person to a counter person at McDonald’s), but it’s the one I love the most.

But if I couldn’t be a writer, I’m not sure what I would be. If I didn’t talk so fast, I could see myself recording audiobooks. Maybe I’d work as a paraprofessional in an elementary school, or perhaps a children’s librarian. But, I imagine, I’d still make time to get some writing done.

How about you?

What would you be if you weren’t a writer? Or, if you have another career, what do you do and how do you make time for your writing?

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