Internet searches have become one of the most popular ways to do research (false internet information notwithstanding) – whether it’s for your historical fiction, a newspaper article, or one of the FaithWriters blogging contests. And it’s not just for THAT kind of research.

Have you ever googled yourself to see where you show up? If one of your free reprints has be reused? You can even set up a google alert to let you know when your name, or any other term, shows up in that search engine. (Good to know for building your platform)

Fifteen years ago today, Google was created. And personally, I’m glad. If it weren’t for Google, I likely never would have found FaithWriters.

Happy Google Commemoration Day. 🙂

Of course, there are other search engines – but (unless I’m behind the times) Google is the only one that’s become a verb.

What’s your favorite search engine? What’s the strangest thing you’ve searched for online  for a writing project?

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