The "giggling girls" from 2011 (photo by Lynda Schab)

As someone who has attended each and every FaithWriters conference the organization has had thus far, I can personally attest to how fun, informative, and wonderful they are. It’s like a family reunion – without the annoying aunts and bratty cousins.

Up until now, all the conferences have been held in the Detroit, Michigan area in August – but that is about to change. After a conference hiatus this past summer (and yeah, I missed my FW friends!), the plans for the 2013 conference are well underway – and a date and location have been announced!

The 2013 FaithWriters Conference will be held on Friday and Saturday, JUNE 28 and 29 in Portland, Oregon.

(Just FYI, the conference will be rotating yearly on a three year rotation among Oregon, Michigan, and Florida so members from different parts of the country have a better chance of being able to attend)

Planning is still underway – plans are for several writing sessions, and hopefully editors and agents to take your book pitches. Check out the US FaithWriters Conference forum on the boards for details as they come – and keep your eye on the conference page for a chance to get updates and register when that is available.

Hoping to make it next year – how about you?

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