The most recent blogging contest – meant to promote FaithWriters itself – has ended and winners have been chosen!

A handful of folks wrote up posts, including contextual links,  building a “FaithWriters” storyline around a list of keywords/keyword phrases. First place receives two paid writing assignments for FaithWriters – $75 per article. Second Place gets one $75 writing assignment for FaithWriters, and third place $25.

And the winners are:

1st Place: What to Do with Your Amazing Stories by Jennifer Suchey

2nd place: The Beginning by Lori Othouse

3rd Place: Out of the Past, Into the Furure by Deborah Engle

You can click here to see all the winners, and entrants.

Curious about the winning entry? Well, here it is below. Enjoy!

What to Do with Your Amazing Stories by Jennifer Suchey

Hovering discreetly, the two figures draped their legs over the banister rail. Below them they observed the antics of two women around a kitchen island.

* * *

“Are you kidding me? Give me that.” Renee grabbed the can of whipped cream and crafted an impressive mound atop her fudge sundae.

Sophie gaped at the concoction. “How do you stay so thin?”

“Well,” Renee’s words were muffled by the massive bite she had just shoved in her mouth, “I burn a lot of energy trying to figure out how to get you to write.”

Renee rolled her eyes. “I’m telling you, you’re the only one who actually wants to read my writing. I don’t even know why I let you read that story.”

“Umm . . . maybe because it was amazing? And maybe because you know you need someone to kick you in the booTAY?”

Renee licked her spoon and eyed her friend. “BooTAY?”

“Yes, booTAY. It’s that skinny thing you need to sit on while you think up more amazing stories.”

“Mm hmm . . . and just what do you suggest I do with these amazing stories?”

Renee shrugged. “Enter a writing contest?”

* * *

Zeke bumped the figure beside him, nearly toppling him over the rail. “This is your cue.”

“Cue for what?” Gus regained his balance and rubbed his arm.

“Don’t be a doofus. You know the reason the Father sent us here was to point Renee to”

“Yeah? Well? So, why do I have to do it?”

“Because your the angel in training, not me. I direct. You do . . . so go . . . do.”

“Alright fine. I’ll just go tell her to check out How hard could it be?”

Zeke concealed a smirk as his feathered friend hopped off the rail, swooped into the kitchen and nestled himself on the counter between the two women. He looked Sophie in the eye and clearly enunciated the words, “Faith Writers.”

Renee scraped the fudge off the sides of her goblet. “Maybe there’s a website where you can post your Christian writing and get your writing critiqued.”

Gus twisted his head toward Renee. “Yeah. Hellooo. I just said it. FaithWriters. Go”

Sophie put the lid on the ice cream. “That would be great. I think I’d feel safer in a Christian environment. I wonder if there’s a site that offers Christian writing courses . . . maybe even opportunities for paid writing assignments.

Gus peered at Zeke.“What up? Clearly they’re not paying attention.”

Zeke smiled. “Yes, but it’s very entertaining from up here.” He moved his gaze to the laptop in front of Gus.

Gus eyed the open device. “What? You want me to . . .? Ohhh!”

He flashed a gander at Sophie and then Renee, still gabbing with spoons in hand.

Tipping forward, he studied the keys on the computer. With his two index fingers he managed to locate the “F” key, and then the “A”. One by one he found all the letters that make up

He grinned at his accomplishment and eyed his mentor above. Zeke just shook his head in bewilderment. “How does he not know how to type?”

Looking back at the keyboard, Gus hit the enter key and then jumped off the counter with triumphal expectancy.

His radiant smile vanished, however, as the women began to clean up their mess.

“I’ll put the whipped cream away,” Renee smirked before squirting a glob in her mouth.

“You’re hopeless.” Sophie wiped the counter near the laptop and paused.

“Hey, let’s do a Google search.”


Sophie took a look at the screen and squinted. “What’s this?”

“Tah dah!” Gus raised his hands in jubilation.

Super job, eh? Our NEXT blogging contest will start in early September, but you can check out this post on the message b0ards for some preliminary details. Again, PAID WRITING OPPORTUNITIES will be the prizes. Hope you check it out, and get to thinking!


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