FaithWriters 500 member, Allison Egley, has been entering the Weekly Writing Challenge for the past 7 years! She’s placed in the top 10, but this year, she made it not only to first place, but to the very top of the top, as the 2012 Best of the Best! Join interviewer Lynda Schab as she chats with Allison about her life, her writing, and the sweet taste of victory.

LYNDA: First of all, Allison, congratulations on your win! You’ve been a FaithWriters member for a long time, and have been entering the Challenge for just as long. With only one contending entry this year, can you even describe how it felt seeing your name on top for the title of Best of the Best?

ALLISON: Thank you! I must say, I am still totally shocked. When Deb posted on the boards a few days before about having determined the winners and that she’d love to see the winners’ face when the names were announced, well, my mind grabbed hold of that and would NOT let go. I had to convince myself many, many times throughout the week that no, I did not win, nor did I place in the top three. That way I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high. There was always this part of my brain, though, arguing that idea… “You know, there’s a chance….” But to actually see my name up there…. Wow. I would say words cannot quite describe how that feels… Amazing. Awesome. Wonderful. But so much more than that, too.

Want to read more? Check out the rest of the interview on the Best of the Best page on the FaithWriters website.

And watch this spot in the future for interviews with the second and third place contenders, Marita Thelander and Linda Germain!

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