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Christian Declaration of Independence
By chris benjamin

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36

We find ourselves blessed with lives that are meant to glorify the one true God who created us by the power of His infinite wisdom, grace, and unfailing mercy for His beloved children. As His children, we have been called to receive a life of freedom from the evil that entices the weak in spirit for all ages. We are free, from the addiction that plagues the lonely hearts of desperate minds of unbelief. We are free, from the stain of hurtful sin that others have placed on our hearts. We are free, to deliver the truth of unconditional love from the Father through His Son, to the far reaches of the earth. We are free, to complete a life of servitude to God our Father and to all His children that long for a Spirit-Filled soul to help.

Time will show the endurance of Christ centered soldiers of the faith, so that many will know His constant intercession on the behalf of His faithful followers. It is at hand now, the time of divine independence from the worry of the world that so regularly tests the strength and conviction of God’s chosen people. His people of faith, hope, and love that will endure until the day we are called home for eternity. No more tears of pain but of joy! No more cries of fear but of elation! No more sighing in sorrow but in complete redemptive security!

All of us have this Declaration written on our hearts, ready to shine outwardly into the world so that true freedom of body, mind, and spirit may be exquisitely expressed for the glory of God and the sweet contentment of His children.

God Bless

Chris Benjamin is the author of the inspirational book “Spiritual Basic Training” Learn more at http://www.spiritualbasictraining.com to complete missions for a Spirit-filled life.

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