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New: Blogging Contests (you don’t need your own blog)

The new FaithWriters owners, Mike and Bea Edwards, have been busy developing new opportunities for members to get their writing out to the world. And one new way they are doing this is through newly-begun blogging contests. These contests are a chance for members of ALL levels (silver included!) to write content for Biblically sound Christian websites, with the opportunity for possible writing assignments – sometimes paid ones.

The first contest, “Invitation to Accept Jesus Blog,” opened on Friday, with a […]

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More BoB Contenders

And you’re running out of time to qualify! Only two more topics to enter to qualify for this year’s Best of the Best.

Check the following posts to see some of the contenders:  here, here,  here, and here.

It’s time to feature a few more of the contenders for Best of the Best. The first place entry overall from each of the 36 Writing Challenge topics between July 2011 and June 2012 are all in contention. Only […]

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Word Placement for Powerful Sentences

Word Placement for Powerful Sentences
By Gail Gaymer Martin

How words are placed in sentences determines the power words, the word that is the focus of the sentence, but sometimes, it’s easy to allow the major point or focus of the sentence to get lost in structure. By putting it in the correct location, you can change the emotion and power of the sentence.

Margie Lawson, psychology counselor, is well know for her fiction editing and emotion workshops. […]

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