FaithWriters is excited to announce the first of several ministry blog contests with PAID writing opportunities as the first and second place prizes.

Anyone is eligible to enter these contests (silver, gold, or platinum members), and, in addition to the prizes, they could lead to paid writing opportunities at the ministry.

The first contest, which opened Monday and runs through July 9, is for Pocket Testament League (, an 119-year-old ministry devoted to leading people to a saving knowledge of Christ and equipping others to do the same.

To enter this contest, you must write an article, 500 words or less, of one of two types:

  1. A promotional review of the Pocket Testament League’s site and ministry that would lead your readers to click on the links you place in the article that lead to PTL.
  2. A unique storyline centered around specific keywords listed in the informational post, with links to PTL.

You must include at least three of the following keywords in your article worked into a sentence (more is fine), with links to on each keyword (called contextual links):

free evangelism training
evangelism tools
daily devotionals
free daily devotionals
what is evangelism

You must post your article in the appropriate forum on the FaithWriters boards, as well as three other places (see that same post for details).

The deadline for submissions is Monday, July 9, 2012 at 10am New York time.

And the prizes? First place will receive two paid writing assignments from Pocket Testament League ($100 each). Second place will receive one of these assignments. The third place winner will receive $25.

However – please note that the writing assignments will ONLY go to Gold or Platinum members. If a Silver member wins we will give them a one year free Gold membership. But the writing assignment will go to the highest ranked Gold or Platinum member in the contest. If a Silver member wins and gets a Gold membership prize, they would be eligible for the writing assignment prize in future contests.

Be sure you read the details of this contest carefully in the Pocket Testament League thread on the FaithWriters message boards. Also read the blogging contest overview post, and keep checking the blogging contest forum for more opportunities in the future.

Get involved now on the ground floor of this writing opportunity. We have two other ministries in line behind this one. If you have never blogged, do not fear.  A blog is simply a collection of posted articles. You can do this!

Don’t miss this opportunity. Are you intrigued? Planning to enter?

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