(Depending on where you live, of course!)

In case you forgot/didn’t know/didn’t car, today is the summer solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere (you Aussies, and others in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the winter solstice.). So, depending on where you live, it is either the longest or shortest day of the year.

Here in Grand Rapids, MI, the sun rises at 6:03 am, and doesn’t set until 9:25. That’s fifteen hours and twenty-two minutes. In Sydney, Australia (where the lovely Deb Porter lives), the sun rises at 7 am, and sets at 4:54 pm. Nine hours and fifty-four minutes. What a difference!

So, us northern hemispherers have lots of daylight to write, research, or go experience things to put into our writing. And you southern hemisphere folks? Take advantage of the long night to either get some extra sleep or “burn that midnight oil” (at 5:30??? Really??) and finish up that writing, editing, or research project. You’ve got plenty of time. (wink)

Do you have plans for the extra daylight (or dark) today? Are you a more prolific writer during the day or at night?

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