The new FaithWriters owners, Mike and Bea Edwards, have been busy developing new opportunities for members to get their writing out to the world. And one new way they are doing this is through newly-begun blogging contests. These contests are a chance for members of ALL levels (silver included!) to write content for Biblically sound Christian websites, with the opportunity for possible writing assignments – sometimes paid ones.

The first contest, “Invitation to Accept Jesus Blog,” opened on Friday, with a deadline of Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 10am ET. Simply write an article, 500 words or less, that shares the gospel.  You must include two links, specified in the guidelines, and post it in certain places to qualify (you don’t need to have your own blog). Specific details for this contest, along with others’ entries in it, can be found on the Invitation to Accept Jesus thread on the FaithWriters’ message boards. All of the blogging contests will be announced on the message boards, in the Blogging Contests forum (where you will also find an overview of the contests and their purpose, and a place to ask questions).

Be sure to follow the contest rules/instructions carefully to be certain you qualify.

So, what are you waiting for?

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