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Best of the Best Contenders – Seven More Weeks to Qualify!

One of the most popular parts of FaithWriters is the Writing Challenge, and one of the most eagerly awaited days in the FaithWriters’ year is July 1, when the winner of the Writing Challenge Best of the Best is announced.

The first place entry from each of the 36 Writing Challenge topics between July 2011 and June 2012 are all in contention. Only one, however, will be selected as THE Best of the Best, and awarded $300. Second place will receive […]

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Five Tips for Stronger Writing

Five Tips for Stronger Writing

By Jennifer Slattery

As an editor-for-hire working under Tiffany Colter, I see a lot of writing—good writing, beginning writing, and all stages in between. I’ve learned, most often, strong books and stories are but a few tweaks away. Today I’ll offer a few freebies—some snippets I share with paying clients—on how to take your writing from good to great.

1. Give your reader credit.

As writers, we want to make sure our reader understands what […]

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The Amy Foundation

As we write as Christians, some of our efforts often involve spreading God’s Word, and the Christian worldview, to the secular world. One way of doing this is to write articles with a biblical perspective and submit them to secular publications.

The Amy Foundation’s purpose is to encourage just this kind of influence in the mainstream media. As FaithWriters explores the possibility of working together with this group, we’d like to share with you FaithWriters a bit more about this organization, […]

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