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Good Friday Reflections: A Cry At The Cross

Our old history ends with the cross; our new history begins with the resurrection. Watchman Nee

We at FaithWriters wish you a reflective Good Friday and a joyous Easter. He is Risen Indeed!

A cry at the cross
By Maria Egilsson

A mother’s cry
Strangled tight
Pierces the darkened sky
As a Son hangs
Upon that
God forsaken cross

Aching heart
Voice lost
From the tears
Of prayers
Which cover the tomb
Of a wounded heart
Like stones
With pain and hurt

Where the beams cross
On the splintered wood
The crux of Grace
Will rise
Mary did you know
What […]


Can You Relate?

If you’ve been writing for any length of time, you’ve likely heard, more than once, the need to “show” and not “tell” – to get inside your characters and allow your readers to experience what they are experiencing, instead of just telling your audience what the character is going through. If you want your readers to connect with your characters, they need to go feel like they ARE your character.

This point hit me more strongly […]


Exciting Writing Challenge Changes – and More!

The FaithWriters Writing Challenge has, for years, been a mainstay of FaithWriters. The opportunity to grow in your writing, develop friendships among the writers, write to a topic and deadline, and more have long made it a favorite of FWers. And the cash prize for Best of the Best certainly wasn’t a deterrent either.

Well, starting when the challenge starts again this Thursday, April 5 after its break, there will be even more incentive.

Starting with the first topic for the upcoming […]

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