Did you know that FaithWriters offers 12 different, interactive, writing courses? These courses, on everything from writing basics to poetry to writing a literary response, can be helpful to anyone. And now, some of them are available – FOR FREE – to all FaithWriters members.

Since our  recent author interviews have encouraged study and growth, the folks at FaithWriters  have decided to implement this change. As of now, Silver members can get two of these courses, Writing Basics 1 and Writing A Character Sketch, each a $20 value, for FREE! Click here if you’re a Silver member to access these courses.

For Gold members, the benefit is even greater! SIX of the twelve courses are free – a $120 value. If you’re a Gold member click here to access these six free courses.

Want to upgrade to Gold membership from silver? Click here to upgrade – and see what other benefits you get, including a chance to enter the Writing Challenge, free Private Messenger, and more, for only $65 a year.

Gold and silver members can also purchase the courses that are NOT free to them for $19.95 each at the links above.

And Platinum members? ALL the courses – a $240 value – are free. Click here, Platinum members, to access all twelve of the free courses.

And if you want to upgrade to Platinum (benefits include a chance to enter the Page Turner contest and a discount on editing)  click here – it’s only $10 a month.

Be sure to take advantage of these courses!

Which sounds most interesting to you?

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