The FaithWriters Writing Challenge has, for years, been a mainstay of FaithWriters. The opportunity to grow in your writing, develop friendships among the writers, write to a topic and deadline, and more have long made it a favorite of FWers. And the cash prize for Best of the Best certainly wasn’t a deterrent either.

Well, starting when the challenge starts again this Thursday, April 5 after its break, there will be even more incentive.

Starting with the first topic for the upcoming quarter, FaithWriters will be awarding $20 (US) to the 1st place Editors’ Choice winner EVERY week.

Exciting, eh?

And that isn’t the only change related to the writing challenge starting this week. Another involves publication of the Editors’ Choice pieces. 

From now on, the Editors’ Choice winning entries for the 2nd and 4th quarters each year (April to June and October to December) will be used as content for FaithWriters’ Magazine in the following year.

The FaithWriters Magazine will be re-launched in January, 2013. (The 1st and 3rd quarters will remain themed and Editors’ Choice winners from those quarters will be used in future FaithWriters’ books.)

Check the magazine out by clicking here. Have a browse through the archives while you’re there (there’s a link to them in the left-hand margin). The magazine really was very good and provided the writers with exposure and a credit for their portfolio.

This change to random topics for the 2nd and 4th quarters each year will, of course, mean that these winning entries will not be used in a future FaithWriters’ book. However, the reality is that four FaithWriters’ books a year was always way too many. So this will also give Deb some room to catch up. For more details on this change, check out Deb’s post on the message boards.

You must be a FaithWriters Gold or Platinum member to enter the FaithWriters Writing Challenge. Click here to upgrade your membership Gold, and here to Platinum!

And one more thing – the FaithWriters site now has a full site search! Looking for a writer? Information on the challenge? Critique info? Just log in to the site and go to the member page, where you’ll find it right at the top. It’s a great little tool, and will make it easier to find whatever you need at the site.

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