By Judy Schwab

Someone might ask, “Why do you write?” and you in turn might ask, “Why do you breathe or why do you eat?”

We write because we have to, because if we don’t and the words or thoughts stay inside, unexpressed, then we are restless and dissatisfied with ourselves.

We write in response to what we see going on about us in the real world and what we imagine happens in a fantasy world of our own creation.

Sometimes the things we write are full of fluff and meant to bring only a smile or the sharing of a silly moment. Sometimes the words we write are deep, full of sentiment and truth, words meant to share the pain of living.

But mostly the things we write are just “us”..outward expressions of our inner selves. At times we write for others and are elated by our successes and occasionally we are deflated by our failures.

Regardless of all this, we continue writing and as I look around I see fellow writers who share my passion for words and thoughts that just have to be expressed in written form.

My prayer for each of you is that you would know the joy of being a writer in progress, and that each new story, poem, journal entry, letter or manuscript would find you looking in the mirror and smiling at your reflection.

You may not see someone whose work will appear on the bestseller’s list or be recommended by Oprah, but you will see someone to whom God gave a special gift, the gift of words.

Use them well..use them wisely..but whatever you do.. USE THEM!


Judy Schwab has been writing inspirational verse for the past fifteen years and has had several items published. Her writing boundaries are continuing to stretch and enjoy writing everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. Her poetry can be similar to that of Ogden Nash and often resembles work by Helen Steiner Rice. She likes to think of herself as a humorational writer who makes up her own words when Roget fails to provide one.

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