I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time believing that 2011 is nearly over. In just two years, it will be 2012, the start of a new year.

People approach the new year differently. Some make New Year’s resolutions, while others “soften it” a bit by making goals, or even dreams. I know some who choose one word to be their focus, while others choose a verse, a quote, or a picture. Some make their own mishmash of one or more of these, and others ignore January 1 as a time to plan ahead.

I, for one, like to set goals. It helps keep me motivated throughout the year. If you are planning to do so, experts say it is best to set goals that are:

SPECIFIC (volunteer in the nursery rather than help at church more, for instance)

MEASUREABLE (submit one article a week to magazines rather than write more)

ACHIEVABLE and REALISTIC (not too hard, not too easy – not impossible)

TIME-BOUND (give yourself a specific time to reach the goals – by a certain date, for instance)

However you do it – or whether you do at all – of course, submit your ideas to God. Let Him lead your new year, and He will certainly help keep you on the right track – the track He wants you on.

Are you setting goals, resolutions, etc. for 2012 related to writing? Why or why not?

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