So, are you sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting to see who won the 2011 FaithWriters/Finesse Fiction Page Turner Contest?

Well, I hate to tell you this –  you’ll have to keep sitting for a bit longer.

Because of the overwhelming response to this year’s contest (There were a grand total of 81 entries, almost double the highest number of entries in the past), there was simply not enough time between October 31 and December 1 to read and judge all the entries. So, in order to allow for a better and more thorough judging experience, the winners for this year will be announced a couple of weeks late – to be more exact, on Monday, December 19. (And just for your information, from now on, there will be a two-month gap between entries closing and the winner announcements)

So, hold onto your hats and practice patience just a LITTLE bit longer. And then come back on the 19th and see who our winners are (they will be announced here at the blog, as well as on the FaithWriters boards and the Page Turner page on FaithWriters.)!

So, did you enter? How will you occupy your time while you wait?

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