By Janalyn Voigt

It’s a commodity in these days of high-speed connections, hurry sickness, and dinner on the run. We seldom think of it, but we need it to thrive. It’s jealously guarded by the few who find even a small piece of it. And it can restore your sanity, even change your life. What’s this amazing mystery substance?


When was the last time you unplugged for a day and took time for yourself? And I don’t refer to family time, although that’s important too. When did you last take time for you?

If you’re caught on a merry-go-round of speaking, networking, marketing and promoting you can be hard pressed to squeeze in time for writing, let alone for anything else. But if you slave away, the very writing you love will turn into a grind. And drawing endlessly from your well of inspiration eventually leaves you dry.

Just do it. Take time to breathe, to think, to be. You can adopt my suggestions, below, or brainstorm to find ideas that resonate with you.

In an hour, you can:

  • Linger over a cup of coffee with a book you read for pleasure.
  • Take a sunset stroll.
  • Write a journal entry.
  • In a day, you can:

  • Go for a hike.
  • Sit beside a lake and watch the wind on the water.
  • Take a drive to nowhere in particular and see where you wind up.
  • In a week, you can:

  • Go on a meditative retreat.
  • Revise your life goals.
  • Give yourself a fresh start.
  • I hope you will find a peaceful corner somewhere for a week, a day or an hour. Feed your soul. Listen to your thoughts. Drink deeply from the well of inspiration.

    What are some ways you’d like to make time just for you?


    As an author, book reviewer, literary judge and avid reader, Janalyn Voigt understands what makes a novel worth reading. Having identified her desire to write at a tender age, she taught herself in the craft of writing long before receiving formal training through Christian Writers Guild. Janalyn’s publication credits include Focus on the Family, Scripture Press and Pentecostal Evangel. Her short story, “Flower of Life,” will release as part of The Book of Sylvari: An Anthology of Elves (Port Yonder Press). Janalyn is currently working on an epic fantasy trilogy, Tales of Faeraven, and a historical romance set during Montana’s gold rush.

    She is a member of ACFW & NCWA.

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