Though his name may not be familiar to some of the “newbies” here at FaithWriters, today’s member spotlight is, I’m sure familiar to many. I remember “the BusBoss” as one of the first people I met on the FaithWriters boards back when I was a newbie five plus years ago, and he’s still around (here and there) today.

And  so, without further ado, Tim Chezum!

JOANNE: Tim, tell us a bit about yourself.

TIM: I’m really kind of a shy and private person … and actually kind of a boring person. (Don’t THINK so!)

I’ve been working in the school bus industry for 24 years and have been training drivers for 17 years. I try to find ways to keep training original and unique for the drivers, which is difficult since it is the same information over and over again.

I don’t really do anything exciting. I don’t travel, I don’t go to the movies much, I eat far too often but tend to eat the same things over and over … well, not literally the exact same things … that would be gross. (Yes – yes it would!)

The most exciting things lately would be finishing a half marathon. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to do the full marathon, but having damaged cartilage in my knees including a torn meniscus and a torn mcl in my left knee I still consider it an accomplishment. I will be having surgery on my left knee at the end of October … I’m a little nervous but am looking forward to not having the pain.

Timmy turned 21 in August so Pam and I are taking him to Las Vegas … I’m really looking forward to that. It’ll be the first real going out of town vacation I’ve had in a while, even though it’s only for 3 days.

JOANNE: Enjoy your trip! So, have you always enjoyed writing? When did the interest first spark? What do you most like to write?

TIM: I have made up poems and told stories as long as I can remember. In first grade we told our stories to some older people (I think they were 7th graders or something) and we were supposed to draw a picture to go with it. When I finished the page I was told there wasn’t any more room for words. I told the girl to turn the page over because my story wasn’t done.

As far as what I like to write … pretty much anything … poetry, comedy, suspense, dark or emotional. It is really a matter of where my brain goes that day.

JOANNE: Brag on your family a bit. Are they supportive of your writing?

Pam is very supportive. It doesn’t matter if it’s writing, training for a marathon, job situations or other interests she is always there for me. I’ve finished almost 25 years of a life sentence … I mean we’ll be celebrating our 25th anniversary in March. I can’t imagine what my life would be without her. She likes to make quilts and does embroidery and is very good at things along those lines.

My son is 21 and going to college. He is studying computer programming, security, networking and few other things beyond my comprehension. Some of my best stories have come from Timmy and I bouncing ideas back and forth off each other. He has a strange, kind of twisted sense of humor … I have no clue where he got that. (gee, I wonder! 😉 )

JOANNE: What are your other interests/passions besides writing?

Photo by Tim Chezum

TIM: I love riding my bicycle, walking the trails behind my house, bowling and a few other things that remind me that I’m not as athletic or in shape as I used to be. I do plan on finishing a marathon at some point.

My most recent venture is photography. I took photography in high school and loved it. I bought a nice camera and found out that all the film and stuff was expensive. With digital photography I can take dozens of pictures and either choose one or two good ones or delete them all. I’ve been chasing hawks around the area and have managed a couple good pics. I’ll take pictures of almost anything. I’ve had Pam stop along the side of the road so I could snap some shots.

JOANNE: How did you find FaithWriters?

TIM: I have family that participated in the writing challenge. They encouraged me to enter, so I did. I don’t think I found the boards for a month or more after I started entering. I check in a lot, but I have not entered a challenge in quite a while.

JOANNE: What is the best part of FaithWriters, in your opinion?

TIM: The people … and the support. I have been to many sites and left many sites but have had very few friends away from those pages. The people here at FaithWriters are genuine, friendly and welcome everyone with open arms. Even when I’m away for weeks or months I always feel like I’m home when I go back and say hi.

I’ve loved my time here at FW and am looking forward to many more years of enjoyment.

JOANNE: What are your goals as a writer?

TIM: I really don’t have any huge goals. I write because I like it and it is a release for my pent up emotions.

I have a couple projects on the back burner, but not anything like a novel. My son and I throw out ideas to expand on one of my favorite challenge entries, but even that isn’t really progressing right now.

Tim’s FaithWriters Profile

Well, I’m sure that when the time comes, those projects will be great. Thanks so much for sharing a bit about yourself, Tim. Hope to see you back in the challenge soon. Always enjoyed your entries!

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