I Am NOT The Maid
By Deborah Oliver

As I was staring at my messy house this morning, I felt a sense of profound irritation. Last night’s dirty dishes were still on the table. My children have a little habit of “saving” their dinner. This is their polite, evasive way of avoiding a meal they don’t like. One bite into a meal (a bite that took exactly five minutes to get onto the fork and another ten minutes to chew and swallow) they proclaim themselves to be full. My darlings then “save” their plates in case they either get hungry or in case there is a dessert tempting enough to bribe them into eating more.

It is common for me to be greeted by their leftovers and this morning was no exception. As silly as it seems, I HATE facing those plates with the now shriveled remains of an entree that failed the popularity contest. My immediate exclamation was, “I am NOT THE MAID!”

As I was grumbling, I checked myself and began thanking God for these dirty dishes. I realized if I am storing up treasures in heaven, then there will be an enormous pile of sparkling dishes and truck loads full of clean clothes to greet me when I arrive. More importantly, if I am a Christ-like servant then I AM the maid. I lead my family by serving. Ultimately, I hope they will feel the love poured out for them over loads of laundry and sinks full of dishes. I clean their messes just as Christ himself cleans me.

Being the maid is hardly a glorious position. The hours are long, the labor is hard, and the recognition is minimal. However, I’d rather have these treasures in heaven than have earthly treasures parked in my garage bay or in the form of a vacation home in a trendy location. Where my heart is, there my treasure is also and I am thankful for the treasures I have.


Deborah is a military wife and proud mother of two children. She has been writing for many years, but until recently has never submitted any work. Her educational background is in Biology & Environmental Science. All of God’s creation fascinates her and she particularly enjoys being outdoors.

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