We writers like to think there’s an endless supply of readers for what we write – but if we’re honest, we realize we’re not just competing with other books/articles anymore.

Teens, perhaps more than anyone, are much more likely to be entertained with movies, TV, video games, social networking, apps, and whatever else is out there that this mid-40’s lady is clueless about. Books, as a rule, are not at the top of their wish lists.

Next week (October 16-22)  is Teen Read Week, sponsored by the Young Adult Library Services Association (a division of the American Library Association). Many of us know that, once we get hooked on reading, it’s often a lasting passion, and the teen years are a great time to get interested in reading.

And there are several books out there geared toward teens – and a lot of them are not God-honoring. Praying that this generation of teens will embrace reading – reading of books that will encourage, uplift, and strengthen them and their relationship with the Lord.

What are some great books for teens? Do you have teens? Are they readers? Do you/have you considered writing for teens?

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