My writing is about to kick into high gear…theoretically.

Because I have school-aged kids (who I don’t homeschool), my writing productivity changes greatly once school is in session (fifteen days from today – but who’s counting?). A lot fewer distractions during the day, which should translate to more productivity. But, of course, other things start up as well – Bible study, school volunteering, carpooling, etc. etc. etc.

Of course, not everyone has this change once summer ends. But I’d venture to guess that all of us have “seasons” when we are more, or less, productive – when our schedule changes, altering how much time we have to devote to writing.

Once the kids are in school, my writing goals change. They get a bit more…um…lengthy. I expect to get more out of each day during fall than I do in summer. And generally, I do.

How about you? Do you have a “season” when you get more – or less – writing done as a rule? When is it? When do your kids go back to school (or have they already)? What writing goals, if any, have you set for the fall?

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