Now that most of the 60+ of us who attended the Fourth FaithWriters’ Conference in Livonia, Michigan have been home for a while, it’s time to reflect on the conference, what we’ve learned, and the time we had. And I’ve invited several of the attendees to share their impressions/thoughts/favorites, etc.

But I suppose I’ll start. As far as the conference itself, I learned something I NEEDED in every session I attended. Just a few of them are below:

Keep your eyes open, and notebook available, for everyday observations to work into your writing. While you’re writing a book, target a certain publisher if you can. Stopping writing is not failing, but not starting again can be. We are not called to success – we are called to obedience. The number of Print On Demand books has increased by 8,406% since 2002.

Of course, the fellowship, food, and fun were as good as, if not better than, the conference itself. But I think I’ll let some other attendees tell you about it.


“I don’t know what was more exciting about the FW Conference – doing an “elevator pitch” in the elevator to Linda Glaz (literary agent) or having my husband surprise me by driving 17 hours from Maine to Michigan in one day.” Yvonne “Vonnie” Blake – Maine

getting ready for a conference session

“Hugs, smiles, more hugs…what’s not to love about the FaithWriters conferences? Renewing friendships and making new ones. Watching online names take physical shape before your eyes as though beamed there by Scotty! Treasured moments together, caring, sharing information and insights. And did I mention the hugs? There were lots of ’em!! Ahhh…next year!! :DMid Stutsman – Indiana

Some "Flat FWers" who got to attend. Thanks Di!

“Most of my good snippets were in one-on-one conversations. But there were a lot of them, and maybe that’s the cool takeaway from the conference. We got a lot of time to talk to each other outside the assigned sessions. :)” Leah Nichols – Washington

Some of the younger attendees

“My ‘plan’ for the conference was rest, relax, and socialize. God had other ideas. From the minute I arrived, he put people in my path to “encourage” me to step up to the next level of my writing future. Can’t wait to see where it all lands. FaithWriters rocks!” Kim Russell-Michigan

Many of the Jewels of Encouragement Bloggers

“My biggest takeaway came at the end. Any time wasted (not writing) isn’t billable. Cori Smelker was talking about different ways to manage time, and for the most part I work towards the things she mentioned. But when she used that term ‘billable hours,’ it brought home the idea, again, that if I take my writing seriously then I will treat it like a business. I haven’t met a boss that is cool with an employee squandering time on the internet, and I need to remember that for myself.” Lynn Deiner – Indiana

Games in the lobby

“Waiting in the lobby for a certain member to walk through the door and being swallowed into the warmth of her embrace was like a drink of cool water on a hot day. Saying goodbye was more difficult this year than the past two. Getting to meet those who’ve known and prayed with me through so many difficult situations was a gift from God. Talking late into the night with my roomie about our hopes and fears deepened friendships. Less games, more sharing and getting to know one another, rehashing the workshops, talking out the advices given and received with trusted friends who understand the writer’s heart and mind, and the connection as Christians, brought this conference full circle for me. It wasn’t merely a time of learning, but of growing as a community.” Karlene Jacobsen – Michigan


Fun, fellowship, learning, and more. What a great weekend.

What else would you like to know about the FaithWriters Conference? If you were there, share your thoughts below!

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