FaithWriters are a diverse bunch in their writing styles and preferred genres. Some love to compose devotionals. Others prefer apologetics, written testimonies, or other non-fiction. Still others would love nothing more than to write fiction.

And then there are the poets. Personally, I’ve written a few, but it’s not my forte’. To me, writing good, not to mention excellent, poetry is extremely difficult.

So maybe, there’s hope for me today. Because August 18 (yes, that’s today) is NATIONAL BAD POETRY DAY. A day to sit back and, well, write bad poetry.

But I’ve also been told that there are two kinds of bad poetry. The first type is written by people who THINK they are poets, but, well, just aren’t. They don’t realize their poetry is bad. These make us sigh – and perhaps cringe. We’ll call this “bad bad poetry”

The second type is written by very talented writers who just have a gift for writing poetry badly. They do it purposefully, and masterfully (if you can write something masterfully bad). There are at least a few of these at FaithWriters. And since I’m NOT one of them, I’ve invited my dear friend and fellow FWer Pat Guy to share one of her own original pieces here. Enjoy (or something LOL).

Twinkle, Twinkle

Very late one night,
With all your might,
You looked up very far to the moon.

You saw a falling star,
Falling really, really far,
So far, it reminded you of a tune.

You hummed a little song,
Quite delighted at the gathered throng,
When your rendition ended all too soon.

Applause set forth,
You took a bow and headed north,
To the kitchen when you heard a little boon,

Daddy, I didnit know you knowed the ABC’s.


Please share your own bad poetry in the comments – and send your friends over to read/share as well!

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