The FaithWriters conference will be on…but people have been arriving at the Holiday Inn in Livonia, Michigan for at least a couple days. And are likely arriving as you read this post. (If you need details, click here. If you’re local, it’s not too late to come! We take registrations at the door)

And thanks to the lovely Karlene Jacobsen (one of our lovely airport shuttlers), you can have a sneak peek of some of the FWers already in town.

At the Holiday Inn in Livonia: L to R: Beth LaBuff, Shelley Ledfors, and Lisa Mikitarian

The ever depressed Tilman LaBuff (aka Mr. Beth LaBuff)

Aaaannnnd – Shelley Ledfors, Marita Thelander, and Laury Hubrich

AND – the rest of us will be there soon. Hope to see you then!

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