Thanks to my request a couple weeks ago, I have nice list of folks willing to be in the FaithWriters’ member spotlight.  Here’s the first, from faithful general submissions poster John Livingston Clark.

JOANNE: Thanks for joining us, John. Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?

JOHN: I’m a graduate of San Diego State University and Western Seminary in Portland, OR, with degrees in music education and church music ministry. I was born in Bellingham, WA, but was raised in San Diego, CA. Currently I reside in the Yakima Valley of central WA State, where I can see snow-capped mountains all year around.

I have been involved in music most of my life. At present I sing in, and write music for, a community choir. I work in the education field as a substitute school teacher and driver education instructor, and also am employed part-time as a security officer in a local hospital.

JOANNE: You’ve only been writing for the past six years. Tell us about your careers and such before you started writing.

JOHN: At the age of 62, I have done many things. Besides musical endeavors, I have worked in construction, retail sales, maintenance, and a variety of other jobs.

JOANNE: What got you motivated to start writing? What do you most enjoy writing?

JOHN: Ever since college, I had a dream of becoming a published author. I have always enjoyed writing and have always received goods marks on papers. I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing my thesis in graduate school. After going through a lot of adversity in my life, I realized I had a message out of my life that could be used to help other people. I really got excited, however, when I heard about self-publishing. That meant that I would not face rejection.

JOANNE: How did you find FaithWriters? How has it helped you?

JOHN: I found it by surfing the internet. I realized it was an excellent way to gain exposure as a writer, and to see what kind of comments I receive about the views I express.

JOANNE: You have written a book. What moved you to write it?

JOHN: Several years ago I asked myself this question. “What can I do, using the very limited resources I have, to help the greatest number of people learn from the adversity, hurts, and wrong beliefs I have experienced?” The answer was to write a book. I  titled it: God’s Healing Hope:Breaking the Strongholds of Wrong Thinking. My life was a mess in many ways, but as I got older, that mess became a message. MESS + AGE = MESSAGE.

JOANNE: Oh, I love your equation. Gonna remember that!  So, what are your goals as a writer?

JOHN: My goals are to write at least 2 more books, and to sell enough to get a royalty check every 3 months. I also want to develop a speaking ministry. So far I have spoken at several Christian schools, the local mission, and am scheduled to speak at the Central WA State Fair. One of my goals was to get my book on Amazon, which happened this year. (click here to purchase it)

John’s Faithwriters Profile

John’s Book on Amazon

John’s Blog

JOANNE: John, thanks so much for sharing your writing and dreams with us. I’m sure you have a bright future.

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