When think of favorite books as a child/tween, most of them were fictional, full of fantasy, and funny. I’m guessing yours were too.

For me, though, there was one book that grabbed me that was, for the most part, none of these things. It was non-fiction. There was absolutely no fantasy. And what humor there was, was quite understated. I can still remember the very first time I read “Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank. I really liked Anne, and getting to know her and her family, and the struggles she faced. It was, undoubtedly, the first non-fiction book I really connected with.

And I am not alone. Many, many have read and cherished this book–a book not ever meant to be read. A book that puts a face to the terror, the horror, of the Holocaust. A little girl who had dreams that were never realized.

On this date in 1944, Anne Frank and her family were captured from the secret annex by the Nazi Gestapo and sent to concentration camps. Her father Otto was the only Frank to survive.

Anne Frank’s story has inspired so many in so many ways. And we, as Christian writers, can hope to inspire our readers in similar ways, whether through fiction OR non-fiction.

QUESTION: What book from your childhood (besides the Bible) had a big impact on who you are, your writing, and/or your outlook? What kind of impact did it have?

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