Writing isn’t just a matter of getting words on paper, is it? We need inspiration to write, and energy to keep our minds and imaginations going. And many of of us turn to, of course, sweets.

Personally, anything crunchy helps me think clearer. Potato chips, cheerios, cookies, crackers. I also often need something to wet my whistle – so I often have a glass of water or maybe milk beside me when I’m really thinking.

Of course, chocolate is also a favorite. And today, whether you knew it or not, is National Milk Chocolate Day. (So sorry for you Dark Chocolate fans – you need to wait for a generic “National Chocolate Day.” There are actually several: check out this link for other candy-related “holidays”)

So, the next time you have writers’ block, or are stuck on an idea, grab for a snack–it might be just the right food for thought.

QUESTION: What do you like to snack on when you’re writing?

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