By Cori Smelker

“…and His sheep follow Him because they know His voice. But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice.” (John 10:4-5, NIV)

Sheep are known for following each other blindly, not seeing the inherent dangers that could maim and kill them. That’s why they need a shepherd so badly. And one thing sheep do well is follow their shepherd. But, then I have to go back to the title of this devotional, “If sheep are such great followers, how come I keep getting lost?” How many “sheep” have you known in your life who have gone astray?

How did this happen? This verse holds the key. Sheep follow the voice they know. Have you ever been on a playground with a hundred other screaming, yelling kids; so loud you can’t carry on a conversation, even in your own head? But, let your child cry from pain, and it slices right through you. You know it’s your kid! Do I know the voice of God like that? He says we can, and that we follow it.

However, it says the voice of a stranger they will run away from. That means, for those “sheep” that have been led astray, they have become familiar with the voice of the enemy.

In order to not wander away, we need to stay close to the Shepherd who protects us from danger, and not be lured away by the caressing voice of another.

Prayer: Father, I pray that in all things I will always hear your voice. Teach me run from the voice that promises greener grass on the other side.

Scripture Reading: John 10:1-5


Cori Smelker, mother of 5, wife to 1, writes devotionals as a way to keep her sanity! On a more serious note, she has a profound love for God’s Written Word and a desire to share, with practical examples, how to live a life honoring to God.

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