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2011 FaithWriters Conference Workshops

Only two days left to take advantage of the FaithWriters conference Early Bird discount. If you’re on the fence about attending, posted below are the titles of the combined sessions and the workshops you can choose from this year. The trouble will be deciding which ones to attend!

For complete details of these workshops, as well as more information on the conference, and to REGISTER, visit the OFFICIAL CONFERENCE PAGE


LAUGH OUT LOUD with Timmy Boyle – Timmy will get the ball rolling on […]


Wednesday Word: Always Answered

Always Answered

by Lynda Schab

 “Mom!”  My daughter’s sharp voice brought me to attention. “That was the third time I called you,” she said, clearly exasperated.

“Sorry, sweetie. I was concentrating on my work. I didn’t hear you.”

She sighed. “You always do that…” 

My daughter was right. When had I started tuning her out? When she was a baby, I could hear her whimper from three rooms away and I’d be to her crib in a flash. As a toddler, […]


Starting the Story Too Soon

Starting the Story Too Soon

by Suzanne Hartman

(Part 7 of Suzanne’s TOP 10 NOVEL STARTING MISTAKES series, posted on her blog)

Determining the correct starting point for the story is one of the most difficult things for a new author to do. Even experienced authors can struggle with this. One reason why is that we often don’t know exactly when the right starting point is until we’ve finished the story.

Another reason it is difficult is because the […]


Win an iPad 2 to Celebrate Lisa Grace’s latest eBook, Angel in the Shadows

Angel in the Shadows, Book One by Lisa Grace, hard cover is distributed through Ingram Books and is available through Barnes & Noble, The ebook launched May 24th, 2011 and is available through  Download your copy for only .99 cents!

Lisa is giving away an iPad 2 to celebrate the lebook launch of Angel in the Shadows, Book 1. To enter go to, click on left side-bar “Angel Friend”, then click “join site” giving your name and email.

No purchase […]


When Did the Writing Bug Bite?

Many of us came out of the womb holding a pencil. In other words, we have always known we were called to write. Some may have experienced a more gradual awareness. Others may have just woken up one day with a burning desire in their hearts to write a book.

Which category do you fall under? When did the writing bug bite? When did you discover your passion for writing?


Early Bird Gets the Deal! (but hurry!)

If you are planning on coming to the FaithWriters conference (and I hope you are!), I encourage you to register ASAP.

You have 9 more days to take advantage of the Early Bird discount. If you register by June 18, you will save $10 on your registration. $10 may not seem like a big deal, but that pays for your meal for Friday night! 🙂

Here’s how it breaks down:

EARLY BIRD RATE (by June 18th)

*FaithWriters Platinum Members   $72


Wednesday Word: Diligence in Sounding Out

Diligence In Sounding Out 

by Patty Wysong

My youngest has been reading to me lately, and it’s been a learning experience.  Many times I’ve had to tap the word and even remind him to look at the word he was sounding out.  I asked him, “How can you know what the word is unless you look at it?”

God’s special neon ‘Duh’ sign flashed at me.

It was as if He was asking me how I planned on […]


Tuesday Tips and Teaching: Insulting the Readers

Insulting the Reader
by Jeanne Marie Leach

As an editor, I see authors who have learned the big lessons, such as plotting, characterizations, and dialogue, but they neglect a couple of the “smaller” lessons we need to be aware of.

Over-explanation that insults the reader

It is important to remember readers have brains and can figure things out for themselves.

Example #1: “I don’t understand why you said that to me,” Margie said, confused.

First, the reader discovers Margie doesn’t understand why someone said something to […]


Interview with FaithWriters member, Lisa Mikitarian

If you’re a FaithWriters member, chances are you’ve heard of Lisa Mikitarian, regular Challenge placer and runner-up in the 2009 Page Turner contest. Besides being a busy wife and mom, Lisa maintains a popular blog, started a cool organization, and has published her first book! Sit back and enjoy getting to know Lisa a little better.

LYNDA: What has your writing journey been like so far? When did you realize your love for writing and how has it progressed through the years? 

LISA:  Hi […]


A Very Sweet Free-for-All Friday

According to, today is National Doughnut Day (always the first Friday in June). What a fun (if fattening) holiday to celebrate!

So in honor of this sweet day, let me tempt you with a tantalizing challenge (and no, it’s not to see how many apple fritters you can eat).

Haiku, sentimental, rhyming, or funny…pen a poem about your favorite doughnut. Long john… powdered sugar…chocolate or Glazed…which kind of doughnut gets your highest praise?

Can’t […]

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