Only two days left to take advantage of the FaithWriters conference Early Bird discount. If you’re on the fence about attending, posted below are the titles of the combined sessions and the workshops you can choose from this year. The trouble will be deciding which ones to attend!

For complete details of these workshops, as well as more information on the conference, and to REGISTER, visit the OFFICIAL CONFERENCE PAGE


LAUGH OUT LOUD with Timmy Boyle – Timmy will get the ball rolling on Friday night with his hilarious stand-up comedy routine.

SPLAT! What to do when Your Dreams and Aspirations Hit the Brick Wall of God’s Will (Hanne Moon)

THE WIDE ROAD TO BOOK PUBLISHING – Why Easy is Not Always Best…as well as some encouragement and inspiration to spur you on as you write for His glory. (Deb Porter)



DON’T LOOK AT ME WITH THAT TONE IN YOUR VOICE – I’m Telling You, Conflict is Good.  (Jan Ackerson)

GRAB A SCALPEL, FORCEPS, AND TWEEZERS…STAT! – It’s Time to Dissect Some Poetry (Jan Ackerson)

WRITE ME A STORY, PLEASE – Tips and Tools for Writing Children’s Literature (Yvonne Blake)

WHEN, HOW, WHO, WHERE, WHY…AND MANY OTHER QUESTIONS. – 5 Keys to Sanity, Perseverance, and Keeping Your Lunch Down in the Crazy World of Writing (Timmy Boyle)

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE – Both Attitudes Will Lead to a Writer’s Fall (Linda Glaz)

WRITING INSPIRATIONAL/DEVOTIONAL ARTICLES THAT HIT HOME – How to Avoid the Number 1 Mistake…and a few other boo-boos as well (Deb Porter)

THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE WRITING CHALLENGE – Get the Lowdown on How to Grow into a Challenge Champion…or just generally become a better writer (Deb Porter)

THE JOBS WITHIN THE JOB – Think Writing is Just About Writing? Think Again (Lynda Schab)

PLEASE MAY I ENTER YOUR WORLD? – How to Draw the Very Best Out of Every Interview (Cori Smelker)

WORLD OF WORDS – How to Breathe Life Into Your Writing (Amy Michelle Wiley)

LET IT SHINE! – It’s Time to Stop Hiding Your Light Under a Bushel (Patty Wysong)

CLEARING THE BLOG FOG – Everything You Wanted to Know About Blogging but were Afraid to Ask (Patty Wysong)

This conference truly promises to be better than ever! Don’t forget to register by June 18th to get the Early Bird discount.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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