This week, we’re featuring the second quarter Best of the Best contenders. The theme was “Communication,” as you will be able to tell by the topics below. The woman of the hour this week is Melanie Kerr, with 4 contenders out of 10. Wow!

I encourage you to take a few minutes to read the entries and leave comments for the winners. Congrats to those on this list! What talented writers we have at FaithWriters!

For details on the FaithWriters Weekly Writing Challenge, visit this page: WRITING CHALLENGE


From Heaven by Henry Clemmons (CONVERSATION)

A Man of Few Words by Beth Muehlhausen (WRITING A LETTER)

The Frog and the Leper by Melanie Kerr (GOSSIP/RUMORS)

This is Just to Say by Sarah Frase (CYBER COMMUNICATION)

Fame by Melanie Kerr (THE MEDIA)

The Caller by Mary Lou Tiner (ON THE TELEPHONE)

Breathing Calmly by Melanie Kerr (BODY LANGUAGE)

The “Blacks Only” Sign by Melanie Kerr (BILLBOARD/POSTER/SIGN)

Of Men and Of Angels by Michael Throne (FOREIGN LANGUAGE)

Ninth Commandment Woes by Lisa Mikitarian (COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN)

Again, I hope you’ll take a moment to read and comment on these fabulous entries. Good luck to all the contenders!

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