As mentioned last week. the Best of the Best awards are just around the corner! For the next four weeks, I’ll be posting links to the contenders by quarter, starting this week with the INNER PERSON theme.

The contenders consist of all the first place winners of the past year’s Weekly Writing Challenge. Each one of these stories and poems is exceptional and deserves a place on this list. 

Don’t forget, the top 10 winners each week will be published in a FaithWriters anthology, which have been on hold for a while but will be resurrected very soon (more information on this at the FaithWriters conference).

So take a moment to read the following contenders for the Best of the Best. Congratulate these members here on the blog or by leaving a comment on the actual entry.

Audite meus votum domine by Linda Payne  (HEAR)

Poison and Peril by Joan Campbell  (TASTE)

Apparently So by Sarah Elisabeth (SEE)

The Beckoning of Beauregard Boone by Mona Purvis (SMELL)

Loving Luke Good-bye by Sarah Heywood  (TOUCH)

Secret Code Messenger by Beth Muehlhausen (DISCERN)

Stopping By The Woods On A Summer Evening by Linda Payne  (BREATHE)

My Groom by Marita Thelander  (FEEL)

Descartes and the Dinosaur by Gregory Kane (THINK)

Quintessential Rebel by Lillian Rhoades (THE INNER PERSON)



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