Time for another round of Member Shoutouts! Join with me in celebrating these members for the accomplishments and successes they achieved in March.

STEVEN WILSON. Steven’s two books in The Gifted series are available to read online. YAY!

COLIN NIELSEN. Asked by his pastor to devlop one-minute devotional “God Spots” for the radio. COOL!

DEBBIE DILLON. Debbie’s ebook, Keeper of the Past, is now available on Amazon. GO, DEBBIE!

JAN CHRISTIANSEN. Received a publishing offer from Written World Communications for her book, Wake Up Your Muse: 1001 Writing Prompts for Fiction Writers. WOW!

J.P. BARNETT. J.P.’s second gamebook, The Wounded Falcoln, has been released. WOOT!

KAYLEEN BELL. Kayleen had her very first article published in the Sydney Morning Herald. CONGRATS!

LISA KURASC. Lisa’s article, Battling Fear, has been published in The Cypress Times. YES!

Congratulations to these members for their awesome accomplishements!

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