Are you new to FaithWriters? Or have you been around for a while but haven’t yet checked out the message boards?

Well, what are you waiting for? We’d love to meet you!

The Newbie Nook is a forum set up just for FaithWriters newbies. Pop in and introduce yourself. Tell us what you write. Allow us the pleasure of getting to know you. Don’t be scared…we’re all just a bunch of goofy people who have the same desire you do: to write for God’s glory.

First, you’ll need to register as a user on the boards. This requires a separate user name and password than your regular FaithWriters account. You can do that here: REGISTER FOR THE BOARDS

Then, before posting anything, read this post: WELCOME NEW MEMBERS

And then this one: RULES FOR POSTING

Now you’re ready to pop into the Newbie Nook. INTRODUCE YOURSELF

We really look forward to meeting you!

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