And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

1 Corinthians 13:13


Okay, women…fess up. How many times have you asked your husband this question? Yes, there are probably a few of you out there whose husbands could be nominated for the Mister Romance award, but most of us need to prod our husbands along a little. I know I do!

A romantic gesture from the love of our life makes us feel special. It’s a way to outwardly express how we feel on the inside.

But before we start complaining about how un-romantic our husbands are, let’s ask ourselves if perhaps God could ask us the same question. “Where’s the Romance?”

In other words, when is the last time you showed God the romance? Because He’s our bridegroom, shouldn’t we be enthralled by His goodness, His faithfulness, His love? And shouldn’t we do our best to outwardly express our love to him in return? So what are some ways we can show romance  to our Lord?

Give Him our undivided attention. Do you like it when your wife flips through a magazine or your husband keeps glancing at the game  when you’re trying to have a conversation? Don’t you think God deserves our sole focus even more?

Praise. Just as we love getting compliments from our spouse, tell God how wonderful He is. Put on some worship music and praise Him with song. Who doesn’t melt at the thought of a romantic serenade?

Learn more about Him. I know I appreciate it when my husband goes out of his way to learn more about me. When he pays attention to what I like and don’t like. What makes me happy. This tells me that I’m important to him. In the same way, reading God’s Word diligently is a way to know Him intimately. To demonstrate our priorities. To let Him know how important He is in our life.

Sacrifice. What husband doesn’t feel loved when his wife cancels a date with her girlfriends to go with him to a sporting event he’s been dying to attend? And what wife doesn’t feel loved when her husband postpones a business meeting so he can listen to her talk about an argument she had with her mom? Putting our own needs or desires on the backburner to meet the needs of our spouse is a huge outward expression of our love. And the sacrifices we make to please our Lord do not go unnoticed. Or unrewarded.

As we think ahead to Valentine’s Day next week, let’s think of more ways we can express love to each other and to God.

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