If you are a FaithWriters member, the message boards are an awesome way to:

1. Connect with other Christian writers

2. Get your questions answered about your FaithWriters membership.

3. Glean from experienced and published writers.

4. Have fun!

Check out the following forums available:

NEWBIE NOOK – New to FaithWriters?  We’d love to meet you. Introduce yourself here.

THE WATER COOLER – Talk about whatever is on your mind.

PRAYER REQUESTS – Post your own prayer needs or take a moment to pray for others.

THEOLOGY DISCUSSION & CHAT –  Debate the issues here. In love, of course.

FAITHWRITERS CONFERENCE – Get updates and chat about the upcoming FaithWriters conferences!

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE FW PLATINUM & GOLD MEMBERSHIP – Have questions about your membership? Ask away!

FREELANCE OPPORTUNITIES – Looking for places to submit your work? Have you come across a great paying market? Come on in!

WRITING CHALLENGE – Discuss all things related to the Weekly Writing Challenge.

ARTICLE REVIEWS & CRITIQUES – Looking for some feedback on your work? Request a critique or post a link so members can offer their help.

FAQ’S – Answers to the many questions we’ve received about various aspects and  features of FaithWriters.com

These are only a few of the 60+ forums available on the message boards.

Registration for the forums is FREE, but requires a different user name and password than your regular FaithWriters membership. Sign up now and start connecting, learning, growing, and laughing… REGISTER HERE

If you regularly access the FaithWriters message board, which forum do you consider your favorite?

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