Hope, 2011

by Tony Philip Oreso

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: “Why are you downcast, O my soul? …….put your hope in the Lord” (Psalms 42; 5 NIV)

As I write this article, the year 2011 is just ten days old. There are still more than three hundred days left in the year. For most people, the routine is always he same: festive season in December and New Year’s resolution in January.

Since the year is still young and fresh, I would like to ask you to review your resolutions. I know you have made at least some. On my part, I’m gonna top up your list. And if you haven’t made any resolution for is year, this is going to be your number one priority: Hope 2011

Hope. This four-letter word is one of the most power-packed ideas that give meaning to our lives. If I may ask, what is life without hope? As trivial as some might find the question, the fact remains that in a planet teetering on the brink of misery and hopelessness, hope becomes one of the strongest supporting pillars of our existence. It enforces the meaning of our lives. It inspires us and enables us to remain positive and proactive.

The skin of hope has varying degrees of thickness from as light as ‘I think it will rain tomorrow’ to as heavy as ‘is there hope for me in a world engulfed in hopelessness?’

Why do we dare hope? And what do are hope for? As Christians, we have hope because we believe in an up-close and personal God, who has designed and made us, who wants to communicate with us, and who wants to care for us.

That becomes the cornerstone of our hope. As an individual, what do you hope for this year? As I said earlier in the beginning of this piece, most of us have already made some resolutions. That alone is enough to show that you’re hopeful. However, most of what people call hope and refer to as progress is often characterized by materialistic desire.

Most of us hope for the things here and now; Promotion in the workplace, lose weight, share increase, and quit smoking–yes, some upward mobility. However as a Christian, you have to define hope in a proper way and take it a notch higher. You need to hope for yourself as an individual, and hope for planet earth.

As you begin this fresh year, find something to do to liven up your hope in spite of the mess you have managed to create in your own life, and the corporate mess you have managed to create in this world. Our hope as Christians is linked to the faith we have in Christ. Despite all the technological social and economic advancements that have happened in recent years, it is still a far cry from the hope of the Christian faith. Our hope is anchored in God and His love for you and me.


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