FaithWriters member, Diane Loew is a good friend of mine from church. I am so excited to bring you this interview so you guys can get to know her a bit. Diane is funny, warm, genuine, an excellent writer, and a fabulous friend. So grab a cup of coffee and join me as I chat with Diane about her writing, her family, and life on a dairy farm.

LYNDA: You and your husband own a dairy farm. Tell us a little about your life on the farm.

DIANE: It’s exciting, fun, dirty, frustrating, bloody, joyous, poopy, sweaty, dusty, wonder filled… and all this can happen within five minutes. Every day is different. We work extremely hard, but enjoy everyday miracles that God gives us while tending his land. We have a dairy farm that we farm with three of our four sons and help provide livelihoods for several other families.

LYNDA: Have you always liked to write or did your talent and love for writing emerge gradually?

DIANE: I think my love of writing started in 6th grade. It was my first year of having a man for a teacher and he loved English. I learned more about the English language that year than any other. I have written for years – newsletters for doctor’s office, churches, and even did some desktop publishing as a home business. Throughout the years I have written and stashed articles in the bottom drawer. I’ve always allowed life to get in the way of taking my writing to the next level and get published. Not anymore. A year or so ago while I was praying I felt God was telling me I better used what he gave me or he would give it to someone else. So, I am fighting daily to push my writing to the top of the list.

LYNDA: How did you find FaithWriters and what do you love about it?

DIANE: One of the Pastor’s wives at church read my blog and said I should meet another author at church – Lynda Schab. A few weeks later Lynda walked in to the book store at church where I work and introduced herself. She is one of my life changing friends. She talked me into going to the FaithWriters conference and I thought it would be a good first step to get my writing moving forward.

LYNDA: Aw…shucks. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂 So what did you think of the conference and being around all of us crazy FaithWriters members for the first time?

DIANE: I totally enjoyed the conference. There was great information, great atmosphere and I have developed some amazing friendships. Everyone was more than helpful, they were such encouragers and it was enjoyable spending time with like-minded people.

LYNDA: You have a humorous blog, Random Ramblings Of… What prompted you to start this blog and what is the focus?

DIANE: Well, another author friend Cheryl Moeller suggested I start out writing a blog. Also, on Facebook I would get a lot of comments stating they enjoyed my “events” and thought they were funny. Living on the farm, raising four sons and all that goes with it gives me plenty of material to work with. Most people are fascinated by farm life. I didn’t want to be boxed in with just farm related blogs and I do tend to ramble randomly, thus the name. With that name I have license to drag my soapbox up to the computer and blather away.

LYNDA: You have also published a book, 101 Ways to Celebrate the Ordinary, which came out just before Christmas. Tell us about the book.

DIANE: A few years ago I was on my back porch swing with one of my wigglies (grandchild). I was rocking, praying and asking God to do something big in my life. You know, I wanted to be grand for God. Anyway, he told me I needed to pay attention to the everyday things he brings my way – Celebrate the Ordinary he said to me. Every day I try to notice the little things. They become extra-ordinary when we pay attention to them.

LYNDA: Can you share a couple of those 101 ways with us? Where is your book available for purchase?


#8. Celebrate the Ordinary by . . . making up silly songs for everyday happenings. For example; a silly song for a loose tooth or what a wonderful bad hair day someone is having.

#40. Celebrate the Ordinary by. . .embracing a basket of warm, clean clothes from the dryer.

You can purchase the book on my blog site:, or at Schuler Book’s on-line – A few other local businesses have it for sale too.

LYNDA: In addition to writing, you recently landed a spot on a radio show. How did that come about?

DIANE: I used to have a cookie company and did advertising on the radio station. When I had the cookie company I used to drop by and get free air time. I had a good relationship with the manager and DJ. So, I dropped by with my book (and some cookies) and the station manager asked if I wanted to do some commercials. I told him no thanks. He then suggested I do a few weeks with the morning DJ, Red Kingman. We have an easy banter between us and I thought, why not? So on Wednesday mornings at 8:20 on WHTC 1450 or on –line you can hear us “chatting”.

LYNDA: Take a moment to brag on your family.

DIANE: I could write a book – ha! I have an extremely patient Farmer (husband) of 39 years. Four somewhat normal sons have been raised. I am blessed with 3 beautiful daughters-in-law who have supplied me with 7 wigglies (grandchildren). I am annoyed and loved by my 139 pound Labrador pony. I enjoy my 1500 BEBs (brown eyed bossies) and am glad I don’t have to personally milk them. I get to walk among them, help when needed and take pictures of their beautiful faces.

LYNDA: What do you like to do for fun?

DIANE: Celebrate the Ordinary! I find fun in just about everything I do. Family time is the best. I have Sunday dinner here most Sundays and love the noise, confusion and general chaos. This year I am trying to find more me time. I will usually drop whatever I am doing to meet friends for coffee, lunch or some shopping.

LYNDA: What goals do you have for your writing? Any more books in the works?

DIANE: I have several things going at once, like every other writer. My goal is to move forward to the next thing God has for me. Within the past year I started my own personal blog, continue to contribute to – which is a wonderful blog site, post on, and have a spot on the radio. I spoke at a women’s tea, and published a book. All along the way I have met and made some wonderful lifelong friends. If you would have told me a year ago all this would happen, I doubt I would have believed you. Now, I am excited to see what’s next. I work extremely hard and then count on God to do the rest. He hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Again, check out Diane’s blog, RandomRamblingsOf and her book, 101 Ways to Celebrate the Ordinary.

Diane’s FaithWriters Profile

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