Did you know that if you click on the “What’s New” tab on FaithWriters, you’ll find a link to the most read FaithWriters articles? Here are the top 3:

DANGERS OF PRINCE HALL FREEMASONRY (Cult category) by Mike Ramey – viewed more than 18,000 times

TEEN DATING SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY (Teen category) by Dan Blankenship – viewed more than 17,900 times

MY MEEKNESS…IS NOT WEAKNESS (Men category) by Mike Ramey – viewed more than 14,000 times

To read the complete list of top viewed articles, click on THIS LINK.

Something cool that was recently added is the ability to share FaithWriters articles with your friends. On the upper right hand side of each article, you’ll see the Facebook and “Tweet” icons. Just one click and you’re able to post the link on these social networking sites. I encourage you to take time to browse the variety of content posted on the FaithWriters site and share the articles, poetry, and short stories you like with your friends.

Even the Writing Challenge entries can be shared on Facebook once the weekly winners have been determined.

Read the current Writing Challenge entries HERE.

Search for general articles by category HERE.

View the most recent 200 articles posted to the FaithWriters site HERE.

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