Flip-Flops Under the Table

by Beth LaBuff

When we visited Iowa in June, Sherah accidently left her flip-flops (footwear) under the kitchen table. Mom sent her a message saying something to the effect that,

“Sherah, Sherah strong and able,
left her flip-flops under the table.”

We didn’t worry about trying to get the flip-flops since my husband and I were planning to return to Iowa in August. As it turned out Sherah was able to go to Iowa with us. When we returned in August, Sherah’s flip-flops were still under their table, right where she left them. I was surprised they hadn’t been moved.

Then I started thinking, I wonder how many times Mom and Dad saw those flip-flops under the table and looked forward to our return visit. I wonder if seeing those flip-flops made them smile, and maybe remember our past visit and to anticipate our future visit? The weeks between our visit were filled with some physical trials for Dad and Mom.

It dawned on me that this was what the Lord did with the physical symbols [the Bread and Wine] the Lord asked us to use them to remember Him, symbols that we can see that sit on a table, symbols to remember His past visit to this world and what He accomplished then. We’re only asked to take those symbols until He returns . And often we remember that He will return and we anticipate that future time.

Copywrite Beth LaBuff 2010

Married for over thirty years, Beth LaBuff and her husband Tilman live in on the high desert plateau of northeastern Arizona.

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