It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lisa Lickel, an author from Wisconsin, who writes fiction with a Midwestern flavor. She and her husband live in a hundred and fifty-year old Great Lakes ship captain’s house and have two grown sons. Lisa is involved with a new website called CLASH OF THE TITLES (Clever, huh?), which is basically the ultimate literary challenge where writers battle and readers judge. Intrigued? I know I am!

Today, she’s going to tell us a little about that site, what it’s all about, and how you can get involved as a reader or a writer.

Thanks for joining us today, Lisa. Tell us about Clash of the Titles. That’s a unique name.

I know – the first few times I typed it, my fingers automatically hit “titans” instead of “titles.” While seeing Liam Neesen come up on the computer screen wasn’t a total bummer, I still had to laugh at myself. But the concept fits here, too. Clash of the Titles is the brainchild of author April W. Gardner, whom I’m fortunate to know through our association at the group blog Reflections in Hindsight. The story goes, she was exercising one day while watching some foodie show and, like all good authors, wondered what would happen if there was ever a contest like that between authors? Thank heavens, we’re on the internet, so no physical food fights involved. But there will be other games, voting, interviews, fun, fun, fun.

How can READERS benefit from visiting Clash of the Titles?

As we explain on the website, readers will get a taste of their favorite fiction genres, as well as be introduced to something they might not have thought about reading before, and get a look before buying a book. Readers get to vote on the excerpt that tickles their fancy, as well as enter a drawing for a free book. Then they get to interact through interview and comment with the author.

Did I say Free Book?

How can WRITERS benefit from visiting Clash of the Titles?

We want to unite readers and writers. When you’ve been around the circuit a few times and start seeing the same names, authors want to make sure we’re reaching readers, too, besides our best writing friends. The anonymous excerpts will be up for a vote on Monday; Tuesday and Wednesday will be author showcase days, and the week’s “winner” will get the “I conquered COTT” button for your website and blog. Conquering COTT is not a popularity contest. Excerpts will be anonymous. You tell your fans that you’ll be on, but not when.

And have fun…did I say have fun? That’s important.

So, how does Clash of the Titles work?

On Monday, two anonymous excerpts from similar genres are posted on the site. Check out the schedule that’s already posted on the website. Best contemporary, historical, western, best romantic scene…etc. Readers are encouraged to vote on which excerpt held their attention the best, which one made them sigh, which made them laugh the most. It’s different every week! Voting closes early Wednesday when the authors are revealed and paired with their excerpts. Wednesday and Thursday are dedicated to getting to know the authors in a variety of fun ways. On Friday, the winning author is announced along with two voters who win a copy of the featured books in a random drawing.

Each week at COTT “belongs” to a different host. It is her responsibility to collect the submissions for her week, read them all, and decide which two will final. It’s rather enjoyable getting a taste so many talented authors’ work. The only hard part is having to choose. It’s tough work, but somebody’s gotta do it! She does so not knowing which author’s work she’s reading. Great care is taken during the submissions process to keep the excerpts anonymous. This protects both the author and the host from possible personal interest conflicts.

Where do I go again?

Visit our website:

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Are there any fees?

No fees; the only cost is to an author for a book donation and mailing to the drawing winner.

How do I know it’s not a gimmick?

Our ultimate goal at COTT is to glorify Christ in all we do. We pray you’ll find COTT the enjoyable place we endeavor for it to be.

Thanks for the information, Lisa! Sounds like so much fun! See you there!


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