Dub Wright is a long-time FaithWriters member who describes himself this way: Curmudgeon; Exercise fanatic; sailing enthusiast; Dead beat writer, scratching to make a dime, attempting to find his way; surviving only by the blood of Jesus Christ. Dub is active on the message boards, a regular Challenge entrant, and an all-around great guy. Join me in getting to know him a little better.

Tell us a little about yourself and your Christian testimony.

Retired after 30 years working for a nasty quasi-governmental entity who practiced doing evil. Taught in a community college for 8 years, then the Lord sent me to Liberty University, where I teach English Research classes. My testimony is oft shared with others, but to keep in brief, the Lord never left me during my secular career, and at 60 years old (2 years ago), body broken, He picked me up and told me my work was not done. Through exercise I can express my faith to others. Though retired from full time work – I teach two classes for liberty – I spend my day helping seniors in exercise programs, I teach T’ai Chi for seniors, and another class for the physically and mentally disabled. My standard is simply Is. 6:8

At the FaithWriters conference this year, you taught a class on exercises for the writer (not the writing, but the physical kind). Why is exercise so important to you?

Exercise is important to me because Christians are dropping like flies. Plain and simple, we are eating and sluffing ourselves to death. Christian writers in particular are munchers. Church dinners, family functions, all add to our problems.

Was there a particular moment you knew you wanted to write or did your love for writing progress over time?

I have loved to write from the time I learned to read, and I cried when I couldn’t read. At a wee age I wanted the information. Probably an 8th grade teacher, however, is more responsible for my professional writing, as it was her encouragement to my written fiction that caused me to want to write more.

Do you remember the first thing you ever had published?

Grade school news letter, a silly 25 word story.

As an English teacher, you must see some wonderful and not-so-wonderful writing. What are some of the most common mistakes you see students make in writing?

Of course comma usage is common with everyone, and especially students. I have seen students enter my class with barely skills to be intelligible and exit with a knowledge and ability to succeed as Christian communicators. If I were to pick any one thing that is common amid the student groups I teach it would be hard. My class is big on grandparents; for grandmothers, especially, seem to die at an alarming rate when assignments are due.

You’ve written a book that is a collection of stories about some “church ladies.” Tell us more. Where did the idea come from and what is it about?

The idea for the “Church Ladies” came from years of watching these wonderful Christian women. At one time I even taught Sunday School to a group of the eldest. They each went home to the Lord, one at a time over the years, but their sweet voices and stories linger in my heart and mind.

Take a moment to brag on your family.
Oh kewl. Okay, first there is Miss P; I cherish the ground she walks on. Why she allowed me into her life I will never know. As a mother and grandmother her faith is so grounded that all around her know and love Jesus, cause there simply is no other choice. She is a gourmet cook, an avid reader, and college football and basketball fanatic. By profession she is an attorney, but applies her trade as the Department Head of Criminal Justice studies at a nearby college.

Oldest son is a self proclaimed computer nerd. He works for a software company. But, more than that, he is studying to become a deacon in the church and with a friend, is planning to establish a new church.

Middle son is a Mediation Specialist, and works in gang prevention. He is in charge of a local teen court, and when not working for the community can be found traveling the country side with with his motorcycle group.

Youngest son is a store manager for Federal Express. He lives in St. Louis, and is the “different drummer” member of the family.

And, then there is Kate. One tale after another. Always looking for a new adventure. I’ll leave it there.

Did I mention that all of our kids have red hair. Three of our grandkids have also have red hair. 8 grandkids in total, plus one step grand daughter, and 1 step great grandson.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My day –
4a. Up and start grading papers or studying
6a Fix Miss P’s breakfast – Wednesday, go to prayer breakfast
7a Head for the Health Club
Noon – back to the swamp to grade papers and study
3p Pick up gkids from school
5p Go to Zumba, Scouts, T’ai Chi, Church. or whatever is scheduled
7p Settle down, either reading, studying, or playing with gkids
9p Ready for bed

What do you like to do for fun?

Fun – I suppose attend college sports – football, basketball, baseball;
In the summer – BBQ, and swim.

What are a couple goals – both personally and professionally – that you have set for yourself?

  1. I want to die young, at a very old age.
  2. I want to design a exercise program for the physically disabled that they can do without medical or equipment assistance.
  3. I want to exhibit my faith in all that I do so that those with whom I come in contact will be motivated to meet the Lord.

Those all sound like great goals to me! Thanks, Dub!

To read Dub’s work, visit his FaithWriters profile: DUB WRIGHT

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