Evergreen, Ever Constant

by Nancy Quinn

My family loves to go camping. I don’t see myself as an outdoorsy person since my idea of “roughing it” is in our 20-foot camper with air conditioning with hot and cold running water. But I do love sitting next to a cozy fire at our campsite and watch the birds and chipmunks come curiously close to see if we’ll give them a snack. The varieties of trees give our eyes a continual feast, and especially when the fall mountain air turns cold and the trees explode in color.

As I watched nature from my camping chair one day, the trees suddenly reminded me of their similarities to people. Some have their roots deep, while others are content to keep their roots shallow, not fighting through the hard soil to keep growing. Some trees are tall and reach their branches toward the sun, the source of their life; while others’ growth is stunted because they allow themselves to be overshadowed. Evergreen trees are my favorite, their beautiful green branches staying constant year-around, ever dependable and sweetly scented.

My goal is to be like the evergreen tree; my spiritual life to be constant every day. I hope my words are always sweetly scented and draw people to Christ. Remaining committed to reading the Bible and spending time with the Lord will give me deep roots and unbending branches no matter what storm and winds come my way. Are your branches ready for any storm?

Luke 6:48 “he is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid a foundation on the rock; and when a flood occurred, the torrent burst against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built.”


Nancy Quinn prays that God blesses these words as she strives to encourage others in their walk with Christ. Nancy is a contributing writer to www.CalicintoRanch.com, www.OpenDoorMission.org, Full Spirit Magazine and www.JournEzine.com – wonderful ministries that reach others for Christ!

Article Source: FaithWriters.com http://www.faithwriters.com and FaithReaders.com http://www.faithreaders.com

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